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What Is Powder Coating?

Unlike paint and other solvent-based coatings, powder coating is a dry powder that is applied electrostatically, in a powder coating spray booth. A spray gun gives an electrostatic charge to the powder coating particles, which then are attracted to the grounded substrate being sprayed.

The components being powder coated are then cured in a powder coating oven. During the curing process, a chemical reaction takes places in the coating particles, resulting in long molecular chains, creating high cross-link density. This is where the powder coating forms into a protective coating. The end result is a hard, durable coating. 

Powder coating has many benefits compared to other coating methods. Here are some examples:

- More durable than paint. Resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, abrasions, rust and corrosion.

- Finishes have an even thickness without runs.

- Better for the environment than paint. No solvent, fully recyclable, less waste.

- Attractive finishes in a variety of colors and textures, unique effects are possible.

- Powder coating is resistant to chemical solvents.

Before bringing in your pieces to be powder coated:

- All parts need holes in order to be hung. If there is no hole you will need to tell us where a small hole can be created. 

- Disassembly is required. Please remove any material that will melt in 400 degrees. All valve stems, center caps and sensors need to be removed from rims.

Additional Information:

- Parts that have pitting marks from rust, could potentially experience more pitting during the sand blasting process. If your material does have severe pitting marks, powder coating will not fill in those marks, leaving them still visible. There are some powder coating finishes that can help “cover up” the pits, texture or hammer finished, but the powder will not fill in the pit marks.

- We recommend that all material is completely welded at connection points. For example: If a handrail does not get completely welded around the pickets over time those areas that are exposed will rust. Finish Solutions is not responsible for future rust on material that is not fully welded.

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